k-pop fonts

Bodoni MT

Download font here: click

Anonymous: is boyfriend alarm's font is same with apink's mr chu font? because they had the same strokes :3

Yes! They are the same fonts :)

Anonymous: Can I also, for once, request you to find a font that is not kpop related? :(

Sorry, we do not accept non-kpop requests. 

Alley Cat

Download font here: click


Download font here: click

Jenna Sue

Download font here: click

Big thanks to withloveantonina for the submission!

Din Alternate

Download font here: click


Sorry for the inactive-ness of this blog. I am unable to run this blog a lot anymore so it’s very hard for me to update everything. The blog is lacking manpower and there are so many requests OTL it is so hard to do everything

If anyone is interested, is anyone willing to help out for this blog? (Please message me if you are) Thank you!

Anonymous: Hi! Do you have fonts like Bangtan's logo or something like HBA?

Please check the bangtan tag for the logo information ^^


Thank you ><