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Anonymous: Toheart font?

Please check the ToHeart tag.

goseum-dochi: yes, that worked! thank you so so much!

Yay!! You’re welcome ^^

azrinaghea: hello, do you know all the fonts that is used in EXO LA dodgers black varsity? thank you :)

It kind of looks similar to Superstar M54 ~

goseum-dochi: hi! i'm having some trouble downloading the gf talllankgirl font from your /post/45032560687 - is the download link still working? thank you so much for your efforts in finding fonts, and for your help with this!

Hi! Try this link again, if it doesn’t work, I’ll upload a new link ^^


Download font here: click

jennyislong: Hey Yunno the font ydiburng? When I tried to type in Korean the flame does not show... how do we show the flame?

Oh the flame in the background (as shown in the Infinity Challenge caption) is separate from the font itself!

Anonymous: What fonts did exo used?
Anonymous: Do you have any got7 fonts? :)

Not as of yet ^^;;;;

yeolxinning: Hi! I just found your web and how do you download this fonts by the way. Oh, and thank you for your efforts for hunting fonts for us!

You can find how to download + install onto your computer the fonts here 

Machine Script

Download font here: click