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Anonymous: hi do you receive other questions? I think I asked for more that 3 times already but no notifs or anything here about what I requested and not on the req list.

Hello, yes! Sometimes tumblr eats up the asks, and I am soooo far behind upon the requests list (it hasn’t been updated recently). Sorry. 

sorry everyone ;; been so inactive because of personal life… i will try to answer more questions + put more fonts on when i have time

yixingthepeterpan: EXO Stadium football shirt font, please. :)

Are you referring to this one? If so, the font used is called Athletic

YG logo vector!


Credits go to NateCharystalic @ deviantart /  @ tumblr

Anonymous: hi. do you know what the font is in infinite's man in love? like the one shown at the end of each teaser? thank you!

Yes, please check out this Infinite post :)

livingyournightmares: Yo, I can't make the font like that anon asked, but I can trace it and make it a brush/vector :D

That would be amazing if you could make one!

Anonymous: what font did exo use for their hugs and kisses album? the text 'xoxo'?

That part is a custom font!

Anonymous: hi are you able to make a YG font?? :D I know it's on the request list but I was just curious, thanks!!! <3

Sorry, I won’t be able to ‘make’ fonts.

Anonymous: Hello, i just wanted to know, once i downloaded the font, how should i use it?

Check this page to know how to use the fonts after you have downloaded the filed :)


Under Windows 8/7/Vista
Select the font files (.ttf, .otf or .fon) then Right-click > Install

Under any version of Windows
Place the font files (.ttf, .otf or .fon) into the Fonts folder, usually C:\Windows\Fonts or C:\WINNT\Fonts 
(can be reached as well by the Start Menu > Control Panel > Appearance and Themes > Fonts).

Note that with the internal unzip tool of Windows (unlike Winzip), you cannot install a font by a simple drag and drop of the .ttf from the zip window to the Fonts window. You must first drag and drop it anywhere (for example on the desktop) then into the Fonts folder.
You can also go through: File > Install a new font… in the Fonts folder menu then browse the fonts, instead of drag and drop the fonts into the window. Although this method is laborious, it would seem that it functions better in some cases.


Under Mac OS X 10.3 or above (including the FontBook)
Double-click the font file > “Install font” button at the bottom of the preview.

Under any version of Mac OS X:
Put the files into /Library/Fonts (for all users)
or into /Users/Your_username/Library/Fonts (for you only).

Under Mac OS 9 or earlier:
The old Mac fonts are not supported anymore at dafont. First, you have to convert the font files (.ttf or .otf) you have downloaded.
Then drag the fonts suitcases into the System folder. The system will propose you to add them to the Fonts folder.

Anonymous: Sj m swing font?

Please check this post.