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Indefinite hiatus

we are sorry to say this, but kpop-fonts is on an indefinite hiatus till further notice.

The blog hasn’t been active for a few months and it will be hard to maintain an active pace since we’re busy with our personal lives.

sorry about this notice.

Anonymous: Do you have the download link for Malgun Gothic?

There is a download link available at Font Zone :)

Anonymous: do you know the font of "Every Day" on Girls Day's logo?

Yes~ The font is called Jellyka Saint-Andrews Queen :)

zicoscock: Hi, sorry I just sent the ask about the Jackpot MV, and right after I found the font on my own. From what I'm seeing, Rosewood STD is technically the right font but doesn't include numbers. The font "Goldrush" is exactly the same but includes numbers.

Is that so? Numbers are working for me, but thank you for the input on the font ‘Goldrush’!

zicoscock: Hi! Do you know the font used for the 7 Zico is holding in the Jackpot album? Thanks :)

Yes! The ‘7’ thing he used is done with the font ‘Rosewood STD' :)

Anonymous: hi there~ awesome blog btw ^^ i'm having problems with the "YDIBurnG" font. when i write in korean the burnt effect doesn't appear. i even tried writting the same word that the image shows and it still doesnt appear. i need help~ :'( thank you!!

Are you talking about the burnt effect that happens inside the font? (the small holes). If it doesn’t work, try to select your Korean text and apply the font once again. If it doesn’t, please do inform me ^^

kimhyeongje: Can you please fix the link for Yoo Jiae's Delight font? thank you!

Fixed! Thanks a lot for informing :)

Anonymous: Do you know the font for Eunhyuk & Donghae's logo for the "Ride Me" album? (I've asked a few times, but have never gotten any kind of response at all)

Hi there, we have in fact got many requests in regards to Eunhyuk & Donghae’s ‘Ride Me’ logo and their Japanese promotion albums in general.

The reason as to why there was no response is because I’m still trying to find the font and I’m sorry for being so inactive :( been so busy and I wasn’t able to do a lot.

bigb2stnee: Hey guys the font for Winner's "W" is it an actual font? I seen similar fonts to it such as the fonts used for Topp Dogg, Tribal ones, and Cheryl Lloyd font is very close also. Any ideas?

It looks like a modified design from the font called ‘Wicked’. You can check out the font here

Anonymous: Hi do you know this font? il_170x135.547286815_4jst

Can you give me a proper link? The link above isn’t giving me anything.