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Jellyka - Estrya’s Handwriting

Download font here: click

caitlinleong: Hi do you have the fonts for EXO's Overdose?

Trying to find the font but there are so many similar fonts so idk about the exact exact one yet~

Anonymous: hi do you receive other questions? I think I asked for more that 3 times already but no notifs or anything here about what I requested and not on the req list.

Hello, yes! Sometimes tumblr eats up the asks, and I am soooo far behind upon the requests list (it hasn’t been updated recently). Sorry. 

sorry everyone ;; been so inactive because of personal life… i will try to answer more questions + put more fonts on when i have time

yixingthepeterpan: EXO Stadium football shirt font, please. :)

Are you referring to this one? If so, the font used is called Athletic

YG logo vector!


Credits go to NateCharystalic @ deviantart /  @ tumblr

Anonymous: hi. do you know what the font is in infinite's man in love? like the one shown at the end of each teaser? thank you!

Yes, please check out this Infinite post :)

livingyournightmares: Yo, I can't make the font like that anon asked, but I can trace it and make it a brush/vector :D

That would be amazing if you could make one!

Anonymous: what font did exo use for their hugs and kisses album? the text 'xoxo'?

That part is a custom font!

Anonymous: hi are you able to make a YG font?? :D I know it's on the request list but I was just curious, thanks!!! <3

Sorry, I won’t be able to ‘make’ fonts.